Christian Sellar
Human and economic geography

Selected publications
In this section you will find pre-publication versions of selected papers and links to the abstracts of the final versions.

Peer reviewed journal articles

T. Lan, C. Sellar, S. Cheng (2016) “The transnational investment promotion community between Italy and China: an example of post Washington consensus neoliberalism.” J-Reading. Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography. 5:2, 35-40; published online December 2016 [URL] (access 12/19/2016).

 C. Sellar, R. Pastor (2015) Mutating neoliberalism: the promotion of Italian investors in Slovakia before and after the global financial crisis International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 39:2,  342-360; published online: 18 JUN 2015 | DOI: 10.1111/1468-2427.12210  Paper Abstract

C. Sellar (2014) Building a transnational fusion bureaucracy? A study of state officials and opinion leaders in Rousse (Bulgaria) and Transcarpathia (Ukraine) Geopolitics published online 9 May 2014, DOI: 10.1080/14650045.2014.883381. Paper Abstract

S. Hirt, C. Sellar, C.Young (2013) Editorial: Neoliberal Doctrine Meets the Eastern Bloc: Resistance, Appropriation, and Purification in Post-socialist Spaces Europe-Asia Studies 65: 7. Paper  Abstract 

C. Sellar (2012) Italian banks and business services as knowledge pipelines for SMEs: Examples from Central and Eastern Europe. European Urban and Regional Studies published online 10 December 2012, DOI: 10.1177/0969776412465628. Paper Abstract

C. Sellar (2013) Europeanizing Timisoara: neoliberal reforms, continuity with the past, and unexpected side effects. GeoJournal, 78:1, 1-19, published online 29 June 2011 doi: 10.1007/s10708-011-9421-y. Paper Abstract

C. Sellar, L. McEwen (2011) A cosmopolitan analysis of the contradictions in EU Regional and Enlargement policies as drivers of Europeanization European Urban and Regional Studies, 18:3, 289-305.
Paper Abstract

C. Sellar, Emilova, M. Petkova-Tancheva, C. McNeil, K. (2011) Cluster Policies in Bulgaria: European integration, post socialist dynamics, and local level initiatives. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 35:2, 358–78.
Paper Abstract

C. Sellar (2009) From ‘Exotic’ to ‘Familiar.’ Italian Textile and Clothing Firms and the Shifting Perception of Eastern Europe Journal of Cultural Geography 26: 3, 327-348. Paper Abstract

C. Sellar (2009) Breaking Anglo American Hegemony: An Italian success story? Est-Ovest, n. 3, September. Paper Abstract

C. Sellar, J. Pickles (2002) “Where Will Europe End? Ukraine and the Limits of European Integration” Eurasian Geography and Economics, n. 2, pp. 123-142. Paper Abstract

C. Sellar (2009) Italians in Eastern Europe: Relations between the processes of outsourcing of Italian textile and clothing firms and the emergence of industrial districts in Eastern Europe. VDM Verlag. Abstract


My research program focuses on economic policies/restructuring and local embeddedness of transnational firms. I look at the emergence of regional production networks, transnational value chains, and international systems of governance.  In this regard, I study the geographies and geo-economies of the eastward enlargement of the European Union and the post-socialist transformation of Eastern Europe/Russia. To know more, see statement of research interests.











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