Christian Sellar
Human and economic geography
Theses & Service
For thesis students.
I supervise honors theses in geography and international studies. I am particularly interested in advising theses focusing on: international political economy, global value chains and production networks, issues related to borders, political and economic change in Europe.

I organize thesis work around a research seminar, please see syllabus

Selected titles of works by my brilliant students follow:

Stewart Hood, Abruzzan wine importation: possibilities for stronger commercial ties between the Italian region of Abruzzo and Mississippi 2009

Virginia Burke, Comparing the development and implication of antitrust law in the European Union and United States 2010

Mary Katherine Graham, The Possibility of Globalized Accounting Standards: a EU-US comparison 2011

Trey Nordan, A Regional Study of Northwestern Arkansas. Growth of Wal-Mart, Tyson, and J.B. Hunt 2011

Matthew ‘Brannon’ Miller, The Internationale: How Mondragon and the United Steelworkers Union Are Resisting Globalized Capitalism in the Center of the Capitalist World 2012

Kimberly Biagini, ‘The Triple Bottom Line’: Examining EU Support for Organic Agriculture. With Examples from Italian Wine Producers 2012

Robert Wilson, Islam in France: Evaluating the Role of the Mosque in Society 2012

Joaquim Coelho, The Evolution of German Power: The Case of Somalia 2012

Benjamin Bates, Overseeing the Health Needs of the People: Medical NGOs and Corporate Social Responsibility – Case Studies in Central and East Asia 2012

Michael Anderson, Germany and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis 2013

Anne Corless, Redefining a Nation through Hatred. A Crisis of Identity and Ethnic Nationalism in Contemporary Russia 2013

Vinod Kannuthurai, Understanding Uneven development in Sub-Saharan Africa 2014

Ikka Maalmi, The public perception of the Schengen Agreement 2016

Christopher (Max) Nard, A Pragmatic Justification for Uber, expected 2017

Photo: Micheal Anderson thesis defense

Service for the University
I have a true passion for service. I have served in multiple search committees and standing committees for the university, including:

Chair of Search Committee – Assistant Professor in PPL


Task Force on Faculty Excellence - member


Undergraduate Council (standing committee) - member


Sensitivity and respect (standing committee) - member


Faculty Senate - member


Search committee member - Assistant Professor in PPL


Search committee member – University Ombuds


Academic grades appeal (standing committee) committee member


Task Force to Study a Potential Ombuds Program at Ole Miss – co-authored report to the Chancellor


Recruitment, Admissions, Orientation and Advising (Standing Committee)  – Committee Member


Growth Management Task Force - member


Search committee member – Senior International Officer


Search committee member – Assistant Professor in PPL


Faculty Senate – vice chair


Faculty Senate - member


Search committee member – Chair of Department, PPL


Strategic Planning Council (standing committee) – committee member


Academic Suspension and Dismissal Appeals (standing committee) – committee member


Chancellor's Annual Report Working Group – committee member


I believe service to be the core value of my profession: through teaching, research and administration I hope to devote my life to enabling others to reach their full potential. In so doing, I hope to build relationships that are collaborative, respectful, and long-lasting, and that are maintained through hard work and good humor.
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