Christian Sellar
Human and economic geography
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Christian Sellar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Public Policy Leadership
University of Mississippi
105 Odom Hall
University, MS 38677



Welcome! This website is dedicated to:
a) Students and prospective PPL students at OleMiss. In the 'Teaching' and 'Biography' sections you can find information on my teaching philosophy, style, and personal interests.
b) Colleagues, graduate students, and informed readers. Everyone interested in, broadly speaking, the 'economy' and 'Europe' may find this website interesting.

I teach courses on globalization, economic change, and the policies of development - from the local to the global. I work at the
Department of Public Policy Leadership, University of Mississippi.

My regional expertise concerns Eastern Europe and Eurasia. My research areas are human geography, and economic/political geography.

I completed my PhD in the Department of Geography at UNC-Chapel Hill . I have another PhD from the University of Trieste . I was born and raised in Monfalcone on the North Eastern border of Italy. The desire of crossing borders to critically analyze political change and economic transformation has led me to a career in human geography and public policy.

For more information,  see my CV

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